Teslin River Fishing!

Every year we receive a number of calls asking about the best fishing on our canoe trips in the Yukon.

While all of the rivers up north are beautiful and have their own unique characteristics, unfortunately they are not all created equal when it comes to fishing!

The Yukon River trip which we offer follows the later part of the river as it flows into historic Dawson City. While the First Nations have been fishing these waters for generations, trying to do so with a rod and line is quite tricky as the water takes on more and more silt from the side rivers that feed into it. Fishing with traditional nets and weirs is the way to go on this river.

While there will be many magical, hidden fishing spots throughout the Yukon for the hardcore fishing community, in our experience there is nothing like the Teslin River for amazing fishing whether a seasoned pro or a first time novice. Whether spin casting or throwing the perfect loop while fly-fishing, both methods have produced lots of fish.

There are up to 11 different species of fish throughout the river system including: Lake Trout, Inconnu, Whitefish, Dolly Varden and Salmon.

But the one that seems to be pulled in most often is the fantastic looking Arctic Grayling with its unique Dorsal fin.

There was one trip on the river where the group was catching so many fish that we started to run low on the supply of lemon, butter and tinfoil to cook them with! Every evening we started our meals with an appetizer of 2-6 fresh caught Teslin River wild fish!
So, if fishing is part of your Yukon canoe plans we suggest the Teslin River every time, and don’t worry, we bring lots of extra lemon and butter every trip now!

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  1. I guess you really have to pick your locations when it comes to fishing. It can depend on your temperament, your target quotas in terms of the number of catch per day you want, and maybe the tide. But yes, there are lots to consider when it comes to fishing. It is a very exacting sport, right down to the equipment, but fulfilling nonetheless. Thanks for sharing that, Mark! All the best to you!

    Kathleen Gardner @ Bid 2 Fish

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