New Website!

Hello Everyone, We are happy to announce that Sea to Sky Expeditions has just launced our new website!! You should find www.seatoskyexpeditions.com is easier to use across all of your browsing devices whether desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. We hope you find it clean, colorful and easy to navigate. Any feedback you have is much [...]

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Top 10 Reasons we LOVE the Bowron Lakes

Here are the top 10 reasons why we love the Bowron Lakes.1. The circuit is made up of thirteen beautiful, unique lakes, rivers and connecting waterways which form a 116km rectangle shape that brings the you right back to where you started, a rare occurrence in the paddling world!2. On the Eastern and Southern portions of the [...]

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Pre-Season Training – Getting ready for Backpacking

                 Spring creeps up rather quickly every year....suddenly we are 2 - 3 months out from our first expeditions and are feeling the crunch to get things organized. We also need to get the winter body ready for the shock of carrying that "Pack" again all summer.There are [...]

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Paddling Under the Midnight Sun

Guilty - I have to admit I'm feeling a bit that way these days as I'm enjoying unseasonably warm February days full of sunshine while it seems the rest of the Northern world is freezing solid.What this also made me think about was how important the sun is to my overall mood and energy levels.A [...]

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