Mark Waldbillig

Mark is Sea to Sky’s owner as well as a lead guide. After obtaining his Bachelors degree in Political Science/History at UBC, he turned 180 degrees, headed into the mountains and never looked back. It is not at all uncommon to hear Mark asking around the office “Is it Summer yet?” as he has an insatiable appetite to be outdoors. Mark loves introducing guests to the beauty of the wilderness and his enthusiasm is almost always contagious. Mark is a certified hiking guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and of course is also trained in advanced wilderness first aid. In the off season he satisfies his outdoor cravings by working with various school’s outdoor education programs or organizing snowshoe adventures in the winter. Recent travels to New Zealand and two months of “tramping” on the other side of the world have triggered the travel bug as well as the creative juices for some new Sea to Sky destinations?...