What are your guides’ qualifications?

Our guides have a keen interest in the outdoors, love their work, and enjoy sharing their knowledge. They are certified in canoeing, wilderness first aid, and emergency procedures. They possess backgrounds in areas such as natural and cultural history, photography and low impact wilderness travel.

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How much paddling will I do?

Generally speaking we like to get going around 9 and get into camp around 4. This would be interrupted with lunch, shore breaks, drifting, wildlife viewing, photographic opportunities. Some days may find us setting camp early due to poor weather and other days extending our days to make up for lost time.

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What qualifies a river as being suitable for beginners?

Physical requirements for river trips are generally modest. Rivers are ranked according to the difficulty of their most severe rapids: Class 1 Easy flat water/lake and mild waves-current/river. Few or no obstructions, all easy to avoid. Some maneuvering may be required to navigate around log jams or sweepers. Risk to swimmers is slight. Self-rescue is [...]

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