What are your guides’ qualifications?

Our guides have a keen interest in the outdoors, love their work, and enjoy sharing their knowledge. They are seasoned backpackers and possess wilderness first aid. They possess backgrounds in areas such as natural and cultural history, photography and low impact wilderness travel.

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When is the best time to do a trip?

We schedule all of our trips to coincide with the best weather for the area. Coastal hikes are always susceptible to rain and in the mountains evening temperatures can drop to freezing, especially in late season. You should be prepared with the right equipment and clothing for all extremes.

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What type of shape do I have to be in?

Because of the very physically demanding nature of hiking, you should be fit. We will supply you with a conditioning program to help you. Failure to adequately prepare will not only compromise your safety and enjoyment of the hike, but will also impact others in your group.

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How difficult are the hikes?

It is not simple to rate hikes, as most all will possess easy to strenuous sections, and one person's easy is another's strenuous. We have opted to rate the hikes by their overall character. Easy well maintained trails and/or mostly flat terrain. Moderate mostly good trails, with significant elevation changes of a gradual nature or [...]

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How much weight will I have to carry?

This is usually the first question on most people's mind. And, it is difficult to give a blanket response, as many variables come into play. The number of days, where you are hiking, how many are in the group, what personal gear you bring, will all affect the weight you carry. The West Coast Trail [...]

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