What do I have to supply?

We supply kayaks, paddles, pfds [lifejackets], dry bags for storing clothing, tents, cooking and eating utensils, solar showers, major first aid kit, paddling jacket. You provide sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and personal clothing/toiletries/etc.

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What is the size of your kayaking groups?

Maximum of ten participants and 2 guides. This is the standard client to guide ratio recommended by both the B.C. Alliance of Sea Kayak Guides and the Canadian Association of Sea Kayak Guides. A small group minimizes impact on the areas we visit, allows more individualized attention, develops group bonding, and better ensures safety.

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What are your guides’ qualifications?

Our guides have a keen interest in the outdoors, love their work, and enjoy sharing their knowledge. They are certified in sea kayaking, possess wilderness first aid, and emergency procedures. They possess backgrounds in areas such as natural and cultural history, photography and low impact wilderness travel.

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When is the best time to do a kayak trip?

We schedule all of our trips to coincide with the best weather and the best time to see marine wildlife. Coastal conditions however are always unpredictable, so you should be prepared with the right equipment and clothing. Marine wildlife is also very unpredictable. We do not give any guarantees that you will see whales, seals, [...]

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How much paddling will I do?

Many factors such as currents, tides, winds, animal sightings, group ability and what the group wants will determine this. Generally, you can expect to paddle for about four hours a day. Flexibility is the key to a great kayaking experience.

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