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Our most popular sea kayaking trip is Kayaking with the Orcas of the Pacific, a 6 or 7 day guided kayak trip that conveniently leaves from Vancouver, BC, in our comfortable 15 passenger van.


These sleek, maneuverable and very stable craft allow the paddler to slip silently across the waters, explore shallow inlets and coves, and approach marine mammals and birdlife without disturbing their calm. Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience wilderness coastal regions. Our kayaking trips are suitable for beginners but will also satisfy experienced paddlers. Our certified guides are experienced sea kayakers who have a keen interest in the natural and cultural significance of a region. They are dedicated to providing the personal attention that will assure you a safe and rewarding adventure.

Kayak Trips Classification

It is very difficult to completely categorize trips under one classification as elements of different categories can be present on a trip. We have attempted to give an overall sense of what you will encounter. Class 1: Gentle tours in non-challenging, protected waters with limited wind effect, little or no current, easy landings and ready access to land-bases assistance. Class 2: Tours in lightly populated areas with short crossings, moderate potential wind effects, gentle to moderate non-turbulent currents, easy to moderate landings and light surf beaches. Class 3: Exposed water; sparsely populated areas with more committed crossings, moderate to strong currents with turbulence, moderate to strong wind effects, ocean swells, difficult landings, surf beaches. Class 4: Long committed crossings, uninhabited, rugged and exposed coast; strong turbulent currents, strong wind effects, large swells, difficult landings, exposed surf beaches.

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