Canoeing the Bowron Lakes

//Canoeing the Bowron Lakes

Canoeing the Bowron Lakes


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The Bowron Lakes are considered the quintessential lake canoeing experience in Canada. The 116 km route, through the ruggedly scenic Cariboo Mountains, is comprised of 6 major lakes and a series of connecting streams, rivers and portages.The portages of the Bowron Lakes are made easier through the use of specially designed carts which allow canoes and equipment to be wheeled between lakes. We compliment our canoeing with some short hikes to view the Isaac River cascades and the impressive Cariboo Falls.

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June 17-26, 2021, July 4-13, 2021, July 21-30, 2021, Aug 4-13, 2021, Aug 22-31, 2021, Sept 5-14, 2021


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