Kayaking with the Orcas of the Pacific

//Kayaking with the Orcas of the Pacific

Kayaking with the Orcas of the Pacific


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Johnstone Strait off Vancouver Island is the ideal location to go kayaking with orca whales and observe and photograph one of nature’s truly magnificent mammals. The sleek, beautiful ebony and ivory orcas congregate in Johnstone Strait during the summer to feed, socialize and rub themselves on pebble beaches.

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6 Day July 13-18, 2020, 6 Day Aug 14-19, 2020, 6 Day Sept 4-9, 2020, 7 Day July 24-30, 2020, 6 Day Aug 4-9, 2020, 7 Day Aug 14-20, 2020, 7 Day Aug 25-31, 2020, 7 Day Sept 7-13, 2020


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