Nathalie Gervais

Even though she was born in Northern Ontario, somehow Nathalie grew up with a love for skiing. However, as there is a lack of mountains in that region of Canada, at the ripe age of 18, Nathalie decided to pack her skis and headed for the mountains of western Canada.

After working for a couple seasons as a ski instructor she decided she needed to learn more about the mountain environment and wanted to upgrade her outdoor education. She enrolled in the Mountain Activity Skills Training program which introduced her to climbing and mountaineering.

After graduating from this, a whole new world of opportunites appeared, and Nathalie said yes to most of them. This brought her from the Rocky Mountains, to the West Coast, up to Alaska and the Yukon, down to Mexico, over to Baffin Island, and over the Atlantic Ocean to the Alps. Over the years, she has worked as a Hiking Guide, Canoe Guide, Ski Patroller, Ski Guide, and Mountaineering Instructor.

She truly believes that the best place in the world is outside in the wild, whether you’re under the sun, or the stars, or the rain, or in wind. She is looking forward to meeting some great people and having some fantastic trips this summer.

Interested in joining us for guide work?

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