Covid-19 Policies

Back to Work Practices Re Covid-19:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Sea to Sky Expeditions (STSE) will be following mandates/orders from the Provincial Health Office (PHO) and regional health authorities, along with other authorities such as WorkSafeBC and Health Canada. For full details please refer to the document below.

Key considerations on Covid-19:

• You can become infected by being exposed to an infectious dose of viral particles through airborne droplets or from touching surfaces and then introducing the virus to your body nasally, orally or by touching mucosal membranes (eyes, nose, mouth)

• The infectious dose is a minimum density of viral particles that can be produced by breathing in, or touching mucosal membranes with, a small amount or short time exposure to high density particles, a large amount or long exposure to low density particles or anything in between.

• Covid-19 is principally transmitted by symptomatic carriers, but it can also be transmitted by pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers.

• Covid-19 is a relatively “fragile” virus that can be destroyed by washing with soap and water thoroughly or by disinfecting with commercial disinfectants, a %10 bleach solution, or a minimum 70% alcohol solution. More information is available on the BCCDC website.

• The best ways to protect yourself are by not exposing yourself to potential sources (keeping your distance, wearing protective garments, washing your hands far more regularly than you normally would and not touching your face).

• Minimizing the time you spend in proximity to a potential source is secondarily effective.

• The density of viral particles is lower in regions with large air volumes, such as the outdoors. While the risk of becoming infected outdoors (unless an infected person sneezes or coughs in your face) may be lower, it is wise to keep necessary exposure time short.

More information from the BC Center for Disease Control: