Intrinsic Rewards as Guides

Beth Dempster best expresses the intrinsic rewards we as guides receive from our work... “Working as a guide brings two important rewards. One of them is filling my soul with needed sustenance – an outdoor fix that carries me through the long winter. Since I could do this on my own, the second reward – although [...]

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Flying into the Tombstone Mountains – Part I

We patiently wait for our air transportation in the parking lot of the Grizzly Lake trail head, entrance to Tombstone Territorial park back-country.  As I scan the horizon I hope to see  a yellow craft sporting the name "Trans North Helicopters" emerge from the low cloud cover any second no avail nothing. Seconds feel [...]

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Ever wonder what Guide’s do in the winter?

We often get asked - what do you do in the winter? While most of us work up at Cypress Mountain on Vancouver's North Shore, we also get to enjoy the backcountry in all its splender....Paul Head, Mark, Jenn Dickie, my brother Jeremy and our friend Tim headed up to a small local gem today [...]

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Journery to the Edge of the World

So, if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day and you want to be inspired to travel in this great country we call Canada then check out the links below to: Billy Connolly: Journery to the Edge of the World. It is a four-part series that follows Billy from Atlantic Canada, up [...]

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