The team at Sea to Sky is committed to planning and leading the best outdoor adventures in the BC and Yukon wilderness. While we are all adventurers in our own right and are passionate about sharing our experiences and local knowledge with our guests, we also take great pride with responsible environmental practices, and high levels of safety procedures to ensure that every guests feels comfortable and safe. This is our promise to our guests and the land that we are fortunate to call home.

Your safety is our priorty
At Sea to Sky, safety and comfort of our guests is of utmost importance. We take pride in delivering a high standard of service and safety by ensuring that all guides are well experienced and trained for the adventures they lead. All guides are up to date with their Wilderness First Aid and other professional certifications. You're in good hands when you book with Sea to Sky.

Our guests' health and safety is our top priority. While we would like to think that the Covid Era is over, it is still present and infecting people. It may not be constantly in the news, but it is still there, and significant for some people. For the most part, we have always maintained high standards for hygiene in the wilderness, and are always mindful of preventing disease transmission. Our focus has shifted back to preventing disease transmission from any infection route. Please see our COVID-19 policies for more details about our COVID-19/Disease Transmission safety measures and what you can expect on a Sea to Sky tour. More information from the BC Center for Disease Control:

Waiver and other information that must be returned to us to properly prepare for you joining your trip are completed online. We have provided a link to a sample waiver for you to view below:

Sea to Sky Expeditions Waiver