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Last Updated: December 24, 2022

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Patrik Moiree, Switzerland

Johnstone Strait Kayaking

"Let me start by making sure that our collective appreciation of your trip and your guides to the Johnston Strait this last week gets official. Simply put, for my part just about every expectation was not only met but well exceeded. Thanks for that!"

Wayne and Janell MacDonald, Regina, Saskatchewan

Nahanni River Canoeing

"Nahanni trip was just great and Janell and I were so pleased. Your guide Adam worked extra hard but still did a wonderful job. Can't say enough good things about your company!"

Al Hurst, Gig Harbor, WA

Bowron Lakes Canoeing

"A few days ago I finished a wonderful trip through the Bowron Lakes Chain. Your superb guides, Georgia and Vick, with their bright attitudes and professional competence, made a great trip fantastic. Did I mention the food? It was outstanding!"

Al Schaller, California

West Coast Trail Hiking

"While I have only used one other outdoor company, REI, to Peru last year, I check around from time to time and can say with confidence STS is an excellent bargain. The spirit in which the adventures are handled are a cut above. Excellent Bargain"

Jenny & Brian, Washington

West Coast Trail Hiking

Gary and Annalee, we would like to thank you for showing us the best the West Coast Trail can offer, and your support keeping us safe and encouraging us along the way. As you mentioned, just before our last chance to fill our boots together before reaching Bamfield Beach, this was truly a life-changing event. We are so happy we were able to share this with you.